Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine

K90029 Qigong Block 2 2021

08.05.2021 thru 09.05.2021

Part of the QiGong-class 2021 with 6 week-end blocks which also count for the education as QiGong teacher.

Being part of a 6-week-end block class participants of this week-end have been in the 1st block already.

A trial week-end will be available again in spring 2022, click here:
(if you book only the trial-week-end it will be fully credited if you then book the 6-week-end block for 2022):

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Since we occasionally film the events you agree -by participating in a class- with the use of this documentation material for the scopes of DGTCM and HSCM as specified in the general conditions (AGB).