K90048 QiGong block 1 of 6 for 2022

Saturday 09.04.2022 thru Sunday 10.04.2022

As announced the schedule for the week-end is:
Saturday 15:00 – 20:00 hrs
Sunday 9:30 – 14:30 Uhr

This week-end is part of the QiGong-classes 2022 with 6 week-end-blocks for the curriculum of QiGong teacher (IHK).
As the only occasion to make a trial QiGong week-end you can book only this first of 6 blocks here – (this will be fully credited if you then book the entire 6-week-end block later):

Here you book the entire block with 6 weekends
K90049 QiGong 6 week-ends 2022

K90022 BLOCK 1 WE 09.04.2022 – 10.04.2022
K90029 BLOCK 2 WE NN
K90038 BLOCK 3 WE NN
K90045 BLOCK 4 WE NN
K90046 BLOCK 5 WE NN
K90042 BLOCK 6 WE NN

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Get information for the entire education for
QiGong teacher IHK
from the office of DGTCM


Everybody can come to the intensive QiGong class in the calm Odenwald (forest area) not far from Heidelberg.
Dates for 2022 are to be fixed….

…think about a membership in DGTCM and save on the classes. Just one booing can make you already save for the membership rate!

Occasionally we film the events of DGTCM and HSCM and with your booking you agree with DGTCM and HSCM using this documentation material for their usual scopes on all channels of commuication – according to the European data protection law.