Here you can book all available LIVESTREAMS:

A LIVESTREAM is like a chain with many elements:

  • in our place the signal enters into a computer
  • then it passes over the internet over to the USA on the server of
    • we have an excellent line with 1 GB/sec downstream and 50 MB/sec upstream, which is necessary to work with several cameras
  • You log in on the server on vimeo by entering the URL for the livestream and you get the signal back to Europe. By the way we recommend to open a FREE account q
  • The Quality of YOUR internet line (how many MB/sec downstream) is an important factor – you should have at LEAST 16 MB/sec to have a satisfactory livestream
  • also the capacity of your computer hardware is essential – we assume it is OK
  • at last your bwrowser software must be able to handle the livestream. If you want to switch yourself into the livestream with your webcam make sure you use GOOGLE-CHROME as browser which is necessar for this functionality.
  • Our experience is that our control computer performed an excellent livestream although some visitors reclaimed a bad stream. Apart from some minimal handling mistakes of the director it has to be examined how the LOCAL conditions ar at the place of the end user. and (latter has been bought by vimeo) are world market leaders with a top product.
  • if the stream is interrupted:
    • at bottom left you have the PLAY/PAUSE-Button: please stop and restart one or more times
    • wat for (half a) minute to see if it is a network fluctuation of the internet line. If so the stream will automatically retake its flow.
    • 1. reaction: refresh Browser (press F5 or symbol at top line of your Browser)
    • 2. reaction (if first reaction is insufficient): close browser and re-open the same link. Possibly you have to re-enter your password
    • 3. reaction: re-boot your computer and log in again
  • only AFTER this you ay send an email to wolfgang[AT] and tell what´s up OR send a WhatsApp to +49 176 58 70 86 45 (because answering phone calls during running the studio is impossible). Mail or WhatsApp may take some time to react since I cannot always look on the other computer being focussed on the handling of the studio.
  • an when you want to enter the studio as a VideoGuest use the link supplied in your livestream-information-mail:…………
    Think of the DELAY, after sending out the signal from our place it may take up to 20 seconds for the livestream to be displayed her on the control computer. So a back and forth talk is disadvantegous – to use the CHAT for questions is the best option since the questions will be commented by the speaker.