Each year after witnesses and in fall we perform an intensive class in our herb garden in the French provence .
You see the most important plants just in front of you and learn them with the structure of the classical prescription.

One of the principles can be demonstrated like this:
If you sit at a table with the right persons there is a positive exchange of ideas and effects.
The same works for a combination of healing plants. After these classes you have a solid basic structure to enter in our specialised classes.

We recommend the intermediate exam of DGTCM – that means >80 units of classes of our intensive TCM week (containing Blocks A+B+C+E2). Anyways good basic diagnostic knowledge.

Pharmakologie im Kräutergarten

In the herb garden you see the most important plants in front of your eye. Our didactic concept makes you learn what others learn in years. Every day begins with a walk through the garden.

We have made interviews with 72 dealers of TCM herbs world-wide and have extracted the most relevant herbs. The garden has 60 ha and the plants become your friends. After learning the recipes you learn to adapt them to the specific pathophysiological situation of your patient.

With these schemes most all-day problems can be resolved successfully. You also learn alternative recipes which have been offered only in advanced and expert classes before. All of this has been approved in the in practise for many years. By the end of the seminary you have the knowledge for all essential indications of an all-day practise.

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