PTTCM – Psychotherapy in TCM

Our education in PTTCM – Psychotherapie in TCM has a main focus on practical themes and indications.

The high clinical impact of PTTCM is base on a solid scientific fundament. These classes contain the essentials of chinese medicine, neuro sciences and therapeutical methods bundled together.

To draw from our deep knowledge is important for your therapeutical success!

The class has PTTCM I and II every year.
For the specialisation for acupuncture (German medical chamber) we recommend to participate at least in part I.

From the content:

  • recognise emotions and understand them
  • origin, transformation and masks of emotionality
  • the 5 basic emotions and their value for the inner organisation of the self
  • the 4-level-ontology
  • neuro physiology
  • learnint theories
  • eye movement and EMDR
  • basics of hypno therapy
  • neuro-physiology of Qigong

Personal assistance:

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